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Somewhere on the streets of England early in the 20th Century, a father takes his wife and children for a llama cart ride...


And in Holland, these two magnificent statues of Alpacas by Carel 
Willink 'Lama's op 
terras' have an inspiring view over an albeit uncharacteristic flat landscape.
Postally used

From France comes this 1967 postcard of man's two best friends:

La Paz, Bolivia
High above Lake Titicaca, this piper with his pack llama plays the traditional Quena.


Another traditional view, this time from Argentina: a painting of a young man (Coya) playing his pipe whilst his pack llama waits patiently.


"Where am I?" This llama checks the sign and discovers he is at the Equator, fifteen kilometres from Quito, Equador.


Postmarked at the Equator, 1961

This wonderful old card from Lima, Peru is actually a radio ham's signal report card; pre-printed on the back to send information to the local radio station W3API. 

Filled in and dated 5/9/1901. 

Another llama cart ride. This time, however, at Lake Placid, N.Y, U.S.A probably late 1950s / early 1960s.


A  P.C with a charming illustration by C.T.Howard, perhaps from the 1940's or from the early 50's (?). Titled 'Elephants at the Zoo', the llama ride  features prominently and seems to mirror perfectly the
Taylor and Barrett
Toy Llama Carts
of the period. 



An early Post Card from 1908 by Eduardo Polack, unusual for its colour and showing a group of sitting llamas with local women from Huancabamba, Peru.


Postally unused


A wonderful image: this old card shows a tribe person who has perhaps just carried all his goods to market on the back of his llamas and - goods sold - is now riding home on one of them. The second llama does not even have a lead!
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A superb silhouette against a magnificent sky.



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