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Trade Cards

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A marvellous depiction of Victorian colonial style advertising. 

Issued by Singer in the late 1800s, this card shows an Ecuadorian family outside their thatched hut with the wife sewing on her new machine as the family - and floppy-eared llama - look on!

The other side of the card depicts the machine (Singer No. 127-3 "Vibrating Shuttle") in detail ***

Arbuckle's Coffee Co.
trading card: one of a series of 50 animal cards issued probably toward the end of the 19th Century. 
The back of the card gives details of how to get the best out of your beans!
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A trading card issued in 1956 by a company called "Dryfood Ltd". Dry food for llamas? Alas we know no more and invite any further info...


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