Llama toys

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Our vintage llama toys -all with "double l"  as we have failed (so far) to find a vintage alpaca, guanaco or vicuna toy - fall into the categories of  lead (to rhyme with head, not bead),  early (pre-1970) plastic, fluffy and cardboard... 

Taylor & Barrett Llama Cart with two children and zoo keeper.
A lead toy from the 1950's. Exceptionally rare.

Hollowcast lead llamas from the 1930's, made by Britains

Ready and waiting to pull a cart, this lead Taylor & Barrett harnessed llama is a rare pre-war version.

Taylor & Barrett split up in the 1950's and this little lead llama, made by Barrett & Sons, is exceptionally unusual being covered in flock.

A mint condition member of our plastic herd by Britains, which replaced lead. Few are as well preserved and clearly gave a lot of playtime pleasure!***

One of the few modern examples of lamarabilia in our collection. Mind you it does date back to the end of the last century! A metal badge from The Hard Rock Cafe, Lima, Peru.
Here's a very new  llama  that we've added to our collection because of his exceptional quality and attention to detail - rare for modern manufacturing and surely a collector's item for the future!

Made of a heavy rubberised type of material, Jaunty (as we have called him) has a lovely texture, stands a mighty 8 cm high (just over 3 inches) and comes with a smile!

Never ones to do things by halves, we've bought a whole Jaunty herd and can offer a few sets of three for 12.50 per set - plus p&p ( amount dependent on where you live).
*** Red stars signify we may have duplicates for sale or to swap. Contact us for details