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Cigarette Cards

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wpe9.jpg (20799 bytes)This colourful illustration of a Guanaco and Guanaco hunt (a popular theme of the 19thC) is not actually a cigarette card but a Cigar box label from the 1880's.   

The left panel shows the Peruvian flag with a llama, the right panel an alpaca, and in the centre the President, General Caceres

Taking pride of place in our collection is this triple panel folding cigarette card dated January 1888, produced by W. Duke Sons & Co for their Turkish cigarettes. 

The reverse of the card extols their position as the largest manufacturer of cigarettes in the world, producing 7.5m in 1882 rising to 105m in 1887!!!

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wpe4.jpg (9473 bytes)Llama and Chilean Flag on silk.*** Tobacco silks were produced in the early 20th century. This one is part of a series of national Flags and emblems by the Imperial Tobacco Company, issued in Canada in 1915. They were popular for sewing on to scarves and bed quilts.   
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Llamas in Cart
Two Cigarette cards from the Wills Zoo series of 1926
 (Lead toy llama carts)

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wpeB.jpg (7000 bytes) 
Issued by 
WD & HO Wills & Co 
in 1922

  British American Tobacco produced this delightful card in 1917 as part of a series on Transport of the World.
Llama afficionados will spot that the llama being ridden  shows correctly that both the offside legs moving at the same time (although with too horse-like a gait) , whilst the one pulling the cart incorrectly has the diagonally opposite legs moving as would be the case with equines.