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At home with the family

I'm bigger than you

Tribute to Lucy
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What's for lunch?
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Love me, love my llama and more...

The hand that feeds

Three llamas and a goat...

and something very weird!
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Victor Vicuna & daughter Vixen

   "  'allo, 'allo, 'allo...


... so who's this then?"

"Bodiless Nick"

Monty the dog meets Drew the llama



A misty autumn morning at the Roseland Llama Farm

Proud mum, Cindy & son

We're in love...

It is rare to see a llama licking, so click on the right-hand photo to catch the moment!

Whose baby is it anyway -1?

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And not so contemporary llama llife...

Riding out... ...a girl on her llama, a boy on his pony,  and a boy on his llama!

Heads...      .... Tails

You've been framed

Whose baby is it anyway -II?


You've been framed


Lucy the minidonk & Monty making friends.

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Kissing cousins








As always, more to follow....

Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devonshire,  U.K


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