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Roseland Llama Girls:

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 ... & Dulcie, a daughter

 in a gorgeous and most unusual combination of soft shades of grey, beige & white (05)

Pashmina waited until we were on holiday to have this pretty, typical QuickSand daughter!

Mid- September: Paprika produces a single twin! Llamas rarely conceive or successfully carry twins (one chance in many millions). Sadly, earlier in the year she had aborted a cria but, to our puzzlement, a scan suggested that she remained pregnant. This very proud little cria with a dark grey neck and legs and rich brown body, is the result.
A very happy and special ending to our calving season!



 ... & Balou, her first born- a daughter in shades of dark grey & brown (05)

Caramel produces another
 "Cohiba Classic"


Cas... .. & Mattie: a daughter in rich brown.

Shown on the left at 3 hours young... and below at three weeks old




... & Cindy, her third very pretty calf but her first daughter! (05)

... & Cola:  a  daughter in smart livery.              



Polo... & Esmerelda; a pretty look-alike daughter




  June 05: introducing Lucy... a daughter for our minidonk, Mabel!  Below Lucy meets Monty     
Oct 05: See how I've grown



... and B&T, a black and tan daughter!
As the photo shows, B&T has recently had a "No.1"  (v. short haircut!)




and CalaCala: Shah's first cria!


A girl in a wonderful tapestry of dark grey, brown and white.  (07)

... and Swanny: A Black Beauty. Just born and already betrothed to Zulu!!! (07)





...and CrackerJill - silvery blue perfection! (09)

That's it for 2005...
Do watch this space in 2006!

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