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Roseland Llama Boys: 2005

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& Katie produced this lovely grey boy on our first day back from holiday! (08)



... & Goldie:
Just born and standing at fifteen minutes, a boy!




and a couple of weeks later...

... and Nina:

an old hand produces another Cohiba classic in a beautiful mid-grey (a boy)! (06)

... & Greta


...another fine grey boy with white face marking      

... & Treacle (shorn): after a run of 'Cohiba Classics 'as above, this little boy is actually marked very similarly to dad.

Chianti's first, a deep ginger boy ...



... & Caravelle: a smoky grey boy born at a hot busy lunchtime... one of three boys who arrived within an hour or so of each other (see also Cohiba/Greta & Cohiba/Treacle). Photo on left at one hour, on right at two weeks.
Criation: The birth in detail            


...and Snoflake:

A spotty boy just like Snoflake's dad, Roseland SunKing (retired)

Polo... ...& Cottontail,


a very silvery son!


...& Organza. Organza has a beautiful silky pale gold coat and her son has an amazing sheen of silver and gold to his wavy fibre!





... Whilst Mary had a little lamb, Viabianca had this fluffy little llama/vicuna boy.


...with Trixie, (who has dyed herself red, rolling in our Devon red soil) a cute golden eared boy!
... and Pingu: Zulu's firstborn, a silky black son with a little of mum's white on his head!   (06)

...and Tanjita: "Silver ears" ... a boy in a lovely blend of greys and browns

... and Eclipse:

WOW! "The Warrior" might be an apt name for this stunning Zulu son.






...and Alenka,
a fine boy in dark charcoal
with silver highlights 


That's it for 2005...   Do watch this space in 2006!

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