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Llamas in art

Camelids had been virtually unseen outside of South American landscapes until the 20th century and, given their inaccessibility, little was known about them or the way they looked - as some of our older prints show. Most images were drawn from memory or second and third hand descriptions which resulted in a host of weird and wonderful variations: horse tails, floppy ears, and equine hooves are just some of the impressions of camelids from centuries past.

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"Woman Reading"

One of our favourites, a wood engraving dating from the mid 1840's. Titled "Alpaca and Llama", a click on the picture to enlarge it will show two similar llama-type animals with the rare distinction of having fine horse tails! 

wpe58.jpg (23059 bytes)Hand-coloured print dated May 1799. 
It is interesting for offering one of the most accurate portrayals of a llama we have found pre-20thC! It is not only our oldest print but our smallest, with the longest title too: It was published in "The Naturalist's Pocket Magazine or Compleat Cabinet of the Curiosities and Beauties of Nature".
wpe63.jpg (31483 bytes)The smallest 
creature on 
this mid- 
1800's print 
is a musk 
deer (centre right) whilst the other three are llama with the horizontal wobbly ears (top), Vicuna (bottom) and introducing middle left, a "Sooty Paca"!

A rare hand-coloured map dating from 1755 and surrounded with delightful vignettes including gold-panning in Brazil, Indians from Chile and Condor and Llamas from Peru.

Limited edition art on a plate!
A beautiful portrait of a Vicuna and its cria, by Will Nelson and fired by W.S.George Fine China as part of their series "Last of their kind: Endangered species."

Spot the difference! Another favourite: an original print by A. B. Strong from "Natural History" published in 1849 - but "Unnatural History" might be a better title... Just click on the image to reveal some truly unique llamas being chased by an eagle. What great companions they make for our horse-tailed llamas above...

Art? Well, it was for the fun drawing of the six legged llama rather than the music that I succumbed to this 2001 music CD of Nashville music.
The group is called Llama, and the CD is poetically and appropriately (for llamas) called Close To The Silence!

There's another pop group called The high Llamas...


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