Llama farming, llama breeding, llama ownership in the UK....

 are truly fascinating & enchanting animals ~ "perfect to graze & grace your land"


Llamas make delightful & endearing field pets, whether just a small group in a paddock or a whole herd in parkland.


















Llamas can also 
offer livestock protection
against predators ~
 the fox at bay in a humane
& environmentally friendly





So it is no wonder
that llama ownership is
becoming ever more
popular as people
discover that llamas are possibly the world's most versatile companion
farm animals
 ~ and certainly among the most beautiful
& captivating!

Llamas can be walked on a lead, be taught to pull a cart, or even to give children rides, yet they are equally happy left on their own, enlivening the landscape.

Llama breeding, llama trekking, and luxury llama wool, all offer enjoyable leisure pursuits as well as rewarding opportunities for business enterprises, farmers, and smallholders.








easy to
look after,
good with

safe with family pets,
fine company for horses
other livestock...

... and
lots of fun!

This photo:
Rare black and silver young Tampuli Llamas bred at the Roseland Llama Farm.

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