Why Llamas?
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Severnwye Llama trekking
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Security Guards
Llama Karma


Why llamas?
The versatility of Llamas
leads them to be owned for many different purposes
from fun to serious, from leisure to

... and back to fun again!

(And not as new an idea as most people think!)

Just born... to our children's delight whilst
mum grazes contentedly
in the background
Field Pets: unusual and enchanting with easy management.
As long as they have grass or hay and fresh water you can leave llamas to graze and grace your land, and simply enjoy watching them: or you can halter them and take them for a walk, put a picnic on their backs, and... well see below!

Luxury fibre:
light, strong, warm and very soft for spinning, weaving, knitting. Llamas need not be sheared, however, if the fibre is not required as it stops growing when not shorn... In South America, llama fibre of 28 microns* and under is designated "alpaca".
RoseLand studs  are well under this measurement).

Read what "New York Metro.com" says...

Take a look at our Lamarabilia Stroock Collection. from the 1930's and 40's, or move to modern times with Gucci

*measurement of thickness

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Llamas keep foxes
and marauding dogs 
at bay, yet are totally
at ease with family pets

Livestock Guardians

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RoseLand Llamas
have featured on Channel 5 
News and on Channel 4's 
"Absolutely Animals", 
which recommended them as
the most effective and 
environmentally friendly way
to protect livestock from predators.

Security Guards! A new one on us too, but check out this article from a Chicago newspaper!

Trekking: carrying the family picnic, serious rambling, or a quiet country stroll...   

 ...adventures across moors & mountains

Show-stoppers: A magnetic attraction for venues open to the public,
and requiring very little extra work

Fund-raising:  Great for creating a high profile and gathering a crowd. 
"Guess the age" competitions are fun and always work well...

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  Companions: for horses & ponies ~ excellent company without doubling the work or upkeep cost

Lawnmowers: & paddock grazers - sorry, no stripes!

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Golf caddies:
'tis true! In the U.S whole matches take place using llama caddies


wpeB.jpg (5429 bytes)  
Carting: singly, in pairs and even foursomes, llamas can be trained to pull a cart...

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at a gentle pace, let a llama take
the weight off your feet


Game of Croquet, Sir?

Drinking companions: Going down to your 'local'? Some llamas love a drop of beer… awaiting photo  

One man and his llama...


carrying tackle &
catch where 
cannot reach!

Llama Karma

Ulcer relief: llamas are very relaxing to watch, so let llama karma take over…

Visitors to
RoseLand Llamas  come to buy llamas for many different reasons
but they all end up making the same comment - how relaxing and calming it is to watch the llamas at rest and play. 
More on Karma...

"What goes in must come out"
or... "where there's muck there's brass"
(for non-English Web Surfers, brass = money)

Don't forget their benefit as dispensers of high nitrogen "llama beans"

Still relatively rare  and - as this page shows - with so many uses, breeding llamas
to fulfil such diverse markets makes a lot of sense.

Trekking offers excellent tourism and farm diversification opportunities too, as well as a wonderful lifestyle
RoseLand Llamas  offer a full and comprehensive advice service with two decades of experience behind them.





Whilst I hope these pages will give you a good sense of the satisfaction and great fun derived from owning llamas, I can think of no better way to end this page than by suggesting you leave the Roseland website for a few minutes and explore the amazing work of
Terry Crowfoot to be found on her website - www.llama-training.co.uk
I'm not sure who is more amazing, Terry or her llamas! Do make sure you click on all her video clips, but then...
don't forget to return to Roseland to continue grazing our pages!


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