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Soft & cuddly llamas...
(Aren't they all?)

The huge growth in popularity of keeping llamas since the 1980's and ever-growing mass tourism to South America has led to a surge of mass production of a vast array of fluffy llamas which have no place in these pages. However, yet again going back in time a half century or more, Steiff (especially famous for their oft priceless teddy bears) produced a few wonderful examples of the llama. 

Our Steiff Collection

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This little fellow is Laffs The Llama from Bolivia. ***

He is a very special limited edition Beanie llama produced for Cocoa Cola in 1999 as one in a series of animals from around the world.

He sports a miniature Cocoa-Cola bottle at the front of his collar, a Bolivian Flag label and (hanging from his right ear!) a plastic case carrying a hologram of authenticity!

In mint condition, very much a collector's item for the future.

*** Red stars signify that we may have duplicates for sale or to swap. 
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