Roseland Minidonks

Sicilian Miniature Donkeys (or "minidonks"!) are not just donkeys that have been bred down in size to meet a fashion, but are a rare breed that originated in Sicily (max 38"). 

Today there are virtually none left on the island as the few that could be found were bought up and exported mostly to the United States where, today, there is a small thriving population. 

A very few found their way to the U.K and at Roseland we are delighted to have a small group of these absolutely delightful and charming "minidonks".

Minidonks have great characters: they are gentle, easy-going and love human company and a good cuddle! They get on very well with our children and our llamas. We have never owned full size donkeys so cannot personally compare but visitors are always captivated and delighted when they meet our minidonks. 

 Basil & Parsley: two of our minidonks, now sold and living near the coast in North Wales.


Minidonks are easy to care for although they do need more attention than llamas. 

  • need worming approximately four times a year, 
  • must have their hooves trimmed occasionally (depending on the ground)
  • must not be allowed access to too much rich grass
    (but still need plenty of space to run and play).
  • require a small amount of good quality concentrate each day
  • Have a constant supply of good hay.
  • Need lots of love and cuddles

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