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Llama Trekking

Llama trekking is a most enjoyable way to spend a day, weekend or even longer...

In South America llamas have been treasured as pack animals for several thousand years. Wandering tribes people would put all their worldly possessions on to their llamas' backs  as they travelled from camp to camp.

nd it would be the llamas that would carry their wares for sale - often clothing and rugs made from llama fibre - to market

Until the arrival of the railway, llamas were the only way to bring silver and other minerals out from the Bolivian and Peruvian mines.

Even today llamas  fulfil an important transportation role in Andean life.

In the U.S.A llama trekking has been a very popular leisure activity for a decade or more and continues to grow in popularity. Some trails that were closed to horses and pack mules in National Parks have been re-opened for llamas because the llamas do not cause damage to the trails, eating far less of the vegetation and being much lighter of foot.



Trek the Heritage Coastline, join courses and introductory husbandry sessions



wpe4.jpg (23713 bytes) Here in the UK, llamas are used for rather less rigorous but very enjoyable and often challenging, trekking into hills and mountains...
... Llama trekking centres in the UK offer a variety of trekking opportunities to account for the requirements of everyone; for the young and less young, for the fittest and most energetic to those who just wish to take it very easy and enjoy being with the llamas in inspirational settings.

... Llama trekking centres offer a great way of getting to know llamas and some offer introductory sessions, with or without a trek.

Staying at a Llama Centre: Some trekking companies offer accommodation, B&B or holiday cottages - the perfect combination.

Trekking Centres & Accommodation

RoseLand Llamas
are delighted to have supplied llamas to trekking ventures all over the UK

Would you like to have your RoseLand Llamas trained to trek?

These two young RoseLand Llamas were sold to private homes on Alderney in the Channel Islands and Yorkshire and advance -trained to trekking standard for their owners' personal enjoyment.

All our young llamas go to their new homes trained to halter and lead, but we can also  arrange for them to be trained to trekking standard for you to go trekking with them or just so you know that your new field pets have had extra training for an extra good start!

Please contact us for more details.


         Two young boys
           being trekked by two young boys