"What goes in must come out"
or... "where there's muck there's brass"
(for non-English Web Surfers, brass = money)

Llamas have a tendency to dung in communal areas making collection easy. When yarded, our stud males seem to compete in how perfect a pyramid they can make (CrackerJack, our original herd sire, came out top here!).

Perhaps more importantly llamanure - affectionately known in the llama community as "llama beans"- is  relatively dry and odourless and makes excellent rich manure, high in nitrogen.

It does not heat up and so does not need to rot down before garden application although we advise that it not be put directly on to bare roots without being mixed with 30-50% soil. 

It can be applied wet (as it comes) or dried out but the nitrogen content reduces as it dries and ages. 

Some owners sell bags of the beans to gardeners, but for those keen to try it out we regret that we do not sell it here, preferring to offer you your very own dispensers!

(As far as quantity and mucking out is concerned, and as the one who has to do the latter, I am delighted to say that half a dozen llamas create less manure in a day than just one of our miniature donkeys!)