Lama Stamps

There's a lot of scanning still to be done to put our stamp collection online but here's a few random samples in the meantime... 


Postcard & Stamp issued 15th March 1961, Argentina. A great image with the photo of the white llama in what looks like a zoo setting and its depiction on the stamp with the mountain background.

From the Land of the rising sun, this Japanese stamp depicts an Alpaca with Macchu Picchu and the Nazca Lines Thunderbird in the background. The stamp celebrates Japanese migration to Peru. Issued in Dominica in 1973 to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the World Health Organisation

South West Africa produced this delicate portrayal.


This charming stamp delightfully brings together  Arabian art and costumes, and South American fauna! Issued by the Gulf State of Sharjah.




Guanacos ( Llama's wild cousins): a stamp from Ajman

Another stamp from the Gulf, but  what on earth  is it? Apparently, according to the Postal Service of the State of Oman, it's a "Lama"! Hmmm...




This lovely set was issued in Afghanistan in 1997. It depicts the Bactrian and Dromedary Camels of Arabia and the four South American or New World Camelids- Llama, Alpaca, Guanaco and Vicuna. 






From Peru one of a set of Vicuna Stamps

  Lots more to follow...