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Fed up with the credit crunch?
Roseland Llamas are beautiful, fun, therapeutic and richly rewarding. 
So Contact us now to start on the road to owning your own Roselands.



 Important information about Roseland's llamas for sale

For the past twenty one years the RoseLand  breeding programme has been devoted to producing animals of excellent temperament, correct conformation, top quality fibre and fine looks.

We are particularly concerned to ensure all our clients begin with the right animals for their individual requirements. Selection of the appropriate llama/s for their varying talents and uses is important.
We gladly offer a full advisory service and 'after-sales' help for our clients whether for field pets or commercial enterprises.
All Roseland Llamas are halter and lead-trained before leaving the farm.
We provide our clients with comprehensive management notes to cover their llamas' daily needs.
We are unique in the UK in investing regularly in a wide range of top quality bloodlines, sourced worldwide. This is not only of huge benefit to our herd but significant for the llama population in the UK as a whole.
We are delighted to offer you the benefit of more than two decades of selective and specialist breeding.
We specialise in rare types and rare colours and are developing the world's rarest line of vicuna llamas "Roseland Llamacunas"! Yet at the same time we also offer pet quality youngsters and are delighted to help whatever your requirements...

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