Llamas in advertising



Llamas in Advertising

This page is still very much under construction but meanwhile one or two random examples from our collection: More soon and we hope to be able to re-scan these without cropping vital edges!

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A fine piece of advertising art
 from 1953

The width of the tyres (sorry U.S, tires) hints that this ad dates back a while: in fact to 1917

Clever! Lima as in the bean of that type and of course the Peruvian Capital (I suppose they did realise that!) An advertisement for Ethyl Gasoline from 1952.

The American Motor industry seemed to have a fascination for Llamas 
"in the old days"!

wpe1.jpg (30948 bytes)Need a loan? 
If you are in to llamas then The National City Bank of New York might be the place - or might have been in 1946 when it had this ad created using a painting by Karl Godwin " Llama Herding in Peru".
This is a 1970's ad from Playboy Magazine for a Tequila called "Pisco Llama", and depicts a  centaur, llama style!



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