Transporting llamas



Transporting llamas

Llamas travel well and easily.

They almost invariably sit down once you move off, making for easy driving.

In fact they can get so comfortable that sometimes you have to give them a bit of a shove from behind to get them up again at your destination.

They can be carried in a horse box or livestock trailer.

We brought our first llamas home in a hired transit van (admittedly we did not tell the hire company what we were carrying, but they didn't ask either!)

Llamas  have even been trained to sit in the back of an estate car - as the famous New York poster (shown top right) suggests... although these days this would be illegal!

But perhaps our most unusual delivery was to The Channel Island of Alderney where, because of the deep harbour, the llamas had to be craned from the ferry!


Delivering llamas
to the Channel Island
of Alderney