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Criation 2006

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Many of the mothers appear to have short coats because they have been shorn.


Shahtoosh & ...


... Shahmina:  


her first cria, a cheeky chappie in a lovely charcoal grey with silver tips!


... Vixen:  Like mum, this lad is very vicuna- like in form  but with tell-tale llama ears and rich colouring. 

Vixen is half Vicuna, making him 1/4 Vicuna and half brother to Victoria (shown with Cria in Cas'  "paddock")


... Carly:  After producing a string of super boys, finally Carly produces a gorgeous girl in smoky grey with a hint of beige - sort of 'Shahtoosh in reverse' as he's beige with a hint of smoky grey!




...Balou:   Just one hour old and determined to explore her new world...



Cohiba & ...




... Emerald:  Coby's Parting Gift - Before he left Roseland last Spring to graze and work pastures anew in France, we arranged one final liaison here for Coby, and  this dazzling girl in silky white with silver markings is the result!
Come back Coby!



Emerald on the left, Vixen comes to inspect on right


Polo & ...

... Hannah:  Hannah has looked fit to burst since mid-April so it is a with a sigh of relief we welcome this curly-coated lad! White with a silvery sheen has become a Polo trade mark although he himself has no discernible silver!


... 18-year-old Agnes
Agnes had not produced for five years! Apparently infertile, she would normally have been living with the retired "herd elders" but instead was happily ensconced in Polo's field as I thought he was completely ignoring her... Not so, as this sweet little cria proves: and what a surprise! Agnes is in robust health and is a very proud, fiercely protective, mum!                          06
... Nina:  


... Greta: 

Clearly dark colours are "the new white" for Polo this year!

But take a closer look at Greta in the photo on the right and see if you can spot why this was a very special calving!

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Rolex & ...

...Goldie :  June is heralded by the arrival of summer... at last;
Roly's firstborn... at last (having expected his first arrival nearly a month ago)!                                     06




... Dulcie:




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...then that will be it for 2006, but watch this space in 2007!

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