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Criation 2006

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Many of the mothers appear to have short coats because they have been shorn.



Primo & ...

 ... Jeta:  

Spring begins in style with Primo's first cria, "Primavera". And she's the same rare, gorgeous silver colour as Dad!



... Kellaleulah:   A very spotty first-time mum produces Primo's second daughter in a blend of beige and grey - and, at just two hours old, looking remarkably like Cas & Calienta's son who is completely unrelated (See Cas's "paddock" somewhere below)!




 ... Shahreina:  "QuantaQualia" (How great and wonderful) - Three girls in a row and another silver strike for Primo!





... C
"Where's Eric? " "Here's Eric!"
(Eric Clapton fans will understand!). We had popped down to London to see his concert and this spotty boy was waiting for us on our return... Cottontail's Polo son  last year had a spotty face and this time with Primo she's gone the whole hog - or should I say , whole llama!!


... Minty: 

After a run of girls for Primo, now it's the boys turn and this young lad with the snooty expression looks as though he is made in the image of Dad!


... Vianca: 



Zulu & ...

... Kalista:   her first cria, as black and shiny as coal;
a striking Zulu junior!

... Burgundy:   A bonnie babe in dark brown and grey...




 Calypso:   Calypso had been hanging out with Hannah (see Polo's paddock below) in her last months of pregnancy so it was fitting that she produced just one day after Hannah, even if it was pouring with rain at the time! I watched the birth but did not film it. This link however will take you to the moment by moment birth of her almost identical 2003 Cas son.


I can't quite remember why I decided to betroth Cindy (white) to Zulu (black) last year; perhaps just to see who the baby would take after?
Click here to find out!





Check out this little boy's half-sister by Cindy for a neat match!


... B & T:   





Cas &...

... Calienta:   a multi-coloured boy in shades of grey, brown, black and white (and Panda eyes just like dad)!


... Victoria:   Victoria is 1/4 vicuna so this lad is 1/8 vicuna. In the second picture he has made friends with his half-brother! Victoria's mother is Vixen, shown with Shatoosh's cria below).




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...then that will be it for 2006,  but watch this space in 2007!


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